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Hello, I'm Stephen. I'm a scientific software engineer striving to increase the visibility of technology developments within the life sciences through interactive visualization and simulation software. My expertise includes translating complex data into simple and easy to understand interactive graphical software to reach a wide and diverse audience.

Having developed software within U.K. Defence, U.S. healthcare, finance, and personal robotics projects, my focus is now on freelancing within the exciting and fascinating field of biotechnology. I'm passionate about scientific discovery and driven by the challenge of developing software that helps to further engage the general public with the latest in biotech research.

What I Do

I develop web-based interactive 2D/3D scientific visualization and simulation software, responsive mobile-friendly websites, and machine learning solutions.

I've worked with large and sensitive data sets throughout my professional career, and I apply that same experience to visualizing and simulating biotech data to help present new research via the web.

A link to my basic 3D DNA unzipping demo can be found in the following section. For immediate gratification, here is a simple inverse kinematics demo from my prior robotics projects (visit Small Augbotics logougbotics for more details).

Inverse Kinematics

Why Interactive Data Visualization and Simulation?

Placeholder graphic of a DNA double helix

3D DNA preview demo

Graphical visualization helps distill complex ideas and data into a simple form that bridges the gap with non-experts. Interactive visualization and simulation adds an additional level of engagement for your audience, deepening their interest and understanding of the subject matter.

Sharing your interactive demos on the web will help to inform the scientific community, financial stakeholders, and educate the general public.

Whether you're developing a new cancer treatment with CRISPR and prime editing, tackling Huntington's disease, or attempting to genetically modify organisms for supporting human space travel, web-based interactive vis can be a great beneficial aid.

How I Can Help You

Are you in the life sciences and looking to visually demonstrate your R&D efforts to a broader audience? I can create new interactive visualizations or port your existing graphical output (e.g. Matlab/Octave, Python plots) to the web with animated and interactive components.

I can also help develop machine learning solutions for bioinformatics together with a visual output of the results. Wherever your research lies, be that genetic engineering, molecular biology or similar, I'll work with you to integrate a visualization into your existing website, or help you create a new responsive web presence.

For enquiries please send an email to: stephen@stephen-bull.com